Sheet Metal Engineering Job Description

  • 1. Responsible for formulating work instructions, process control points, key points for attention, supervising the overall production process, and solving key process problems;
  • 2. Familiar with laser cutting machines, bending machines and other equipment, and have experience in operation and programming;
  • 3. Change the process for all product changes and formulate a reasonable process rhythm according to the actual needs of the site, and ensure the normal use of equipment and molds;
  • 4. Promote the company’s standardized operations, optimize and balance production, increase production capacity, and reasonably allocate staff;
  • 5. By continuously improving the production process, improving production efficiency, reducing production loss and product defect rate, analyzing problems in production and giving improvement countermeasures;
  • 6. Analyze abnormal problems in the production process, formulate feasible measures to ensure the smooth progress of production, and solve product quality problems in time.
  • 7. More than three years of experience in on-site process guidance and process preparation in sheet metal factories, familiar with the use of office software, drawing software, ProE, Soliolwork, AutCAD, etc., with strong communication skills;
  • 8. Familiar with sheet metal technology, familiar with stamping technology, and calculate the working hour quota;
  • 9. Have strong communication, coordination and hands-on ability, and can withstand certain work pressure;
  • 10. Strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and have a good sense of teamwork.
  • 11. Familiar with stainless steel material grades, properties and characteristics;
  • 13. Can independently complete sheet metal blanking, bending, stamping and other process documents and card preparation;
  • 14. Proficiency in at least one 3D software for modeling and unfolding, drawing part drawings, blanking drawings and process drawings;
  • 15. Good English
  • 16. 4 years or above experience in mechanical design, mechanical product process preparation, familiar with the production characteristics of laser, CNC punching and folding machines, and have a deep understanding of argon arc welding, CO2 welding and other processes, more than two years of technical team management experience , .
  • 17. Proficiency in AUTO CAD, PRO-E, CET-4, strong reading and writing skills.
  • 18. Careful, honest, proactive, team spirit
  • 19. Have a sense of time and a proactive work spirit
  • 20. According to business requirements, according to samples and customer drawings, provide the expanded drawings for production in the factory to the production unit on time, and prepare the production process.
  • 21. Grasp the workload and work ability of all staff in the department, and allocate work reasonably and in a timely manner.
  • 22. The technical support of the on-site process, especially for new products, should be organized to track the whole process.
  • 23. Put forward suggestions for improvement on the unreasonable and optimizable parts of the on-site process, and actively promote the implementation.
  • 24. Carry out technical contact with customers, outsourcing manufacturers and other external parties to ensure that both parties have consistent understanding of standards and processes.
  • 26. Responsible for the technical guidance of outsourced manufacturers and participate in the audit of outsourced manufacturers.
  • 27. Review of drawings and process documents.
  • 28. Training and assessment of personnel in this department.
  • 29. Compiling BOM, packaging specification design, etc., familiar with common surface treatment requirements of sheet metal is preferred;
  • 30. Strong sense of responsibility and good sense of teamwork; calculation, welding process, welding positioning process, riveting process, surface treatment, bending process, type of bending knife, use of bending die, etc.
  • 32. Track, record and control the process parameters of the stable production process; focus on monitoring the actual status of the process control elements at the KCC point.
  • 33. Participate in the analysis of sheet metal quality problems in the batch production process, and the proposal, test, correction and temporary modification of the corresponding process solutions, and the preparation of relevant documents.
  • 34. Regularly review the FMEA and control plan of the stable batch assembly, and provide updated opinions in a timely manner.
  • 35. Participate in the formulation of the production process of new product welding assemblies; promote the application of effective technological means (especially “zero defect” error prevention measures) in the design process to promote stable batch production.
  • 36. Participate in the preliminary trial production process of new product sheet metal process; record, analyze and evaluate the rationality and feasibility of the trial production process.
  • 38. Record the status of the whole process of product process change.
  • 39. On-site layout determination and improvement;
  • 40. Process optimization reduces costs;
  • 41. Discovery and improvement of on-site operation problems;
  • 45. Standard SOP production;
  • 46. ​​Measure production hours, conduct action research and process research to improve efficiency and reduce resource consumption; reduce maintenance cost rates.
  • 47. Familiar with all the process of sheet metal processing, proficient in operating office software.
  • 48. Understand CAD drawing, understand the principles of metal stamping and mold design.
  • 49. Familiar with new product introduction;
  • 50. Understand production process planning and process documentation.

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