Why does Sheet Metal Enclosure Processing use galvanised and tinned manufacturing?


Custom Made Metal Boxes 
Custom Made Metal Boxes

After decades of development in the sheet metal processing industry, a large number of manufacturers with excellent product quality and a certain scale have emerged. These manufacturers are relying on professional products, and the quality of sheet metal chassis products is perfect. So do you know what is the reason for using galvanized tinned manufacturing for sheet metal chassis processing? Follow me below to take a look!

Nowadays, sheet metal chassis are generally manufactured with galvanized steel sheets. The reason for galvanizing the steel sheet is mainly to prevent corrosion. But because zinc is not easy to oxidize metal, so galvanized steel can be isolated from the air to achieve the purpose of corrosion, this understanding is wrong; in fact, quite the opposite, zinc is extremely easy to oxidize a very active metal, but zinc oxide is not a loose powder like iron oxide, but a layer of dense surface, this layer of zinc oxide blocks the further oxidation of internal zinc.

For sheet metal chassis processing when the surface of the galvanized steel sheet is damaged and exposed to the internal iron surface, according to the chemical cell principle, the zinc will oxidize before the iron to protect the iron layer from damage because zinc is more active than iron. The combination of the two is the truth of galvanized steel protection. A good galvanized steel sheet should be gray and white matte, which is the color of the zinc oxide surface.

Some chassis with bad materials use poor quality galvanized steel, or even tin-plated steel. Such products are usually thin and unevenly coated. Especially tin-plated steel, if the tin layer is not damaged, everything will be fine. However, once the tin layer is damaged, the iron will become protected by the tin instead of the pure steel plate paint, because tin is an inactive metal.

The above reasons for using galvanized tin plating for sheet metal chassis processing are shared here, I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there are other questions about sheet metal chassis processing that you would like to know, you can leave a message for me, we look forward to discussing with you!

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