A summary of some bending elements

Bending is a stamping process that uses pressure to force the material to produce plastic deformation, so as to form a certain angle and curvature shape. Common bending includes V-shaped bending, Z-shaped bending and reverse bending. The following is a summary of some bending elements :

  1. Bending height

The bending height shall be at least twice the thickness of the sheet metal plus the bending radius (H ≥ 2T + R). The bending height is too low, the sheet metal is easy to deform and twist during bending, and it is not easy to obtain the ideal part shape and ideal dimensional accuracy.

When the bending is beveled, it is most likely to cause bending distortion and deformation due to too small bending height. In the original design, if the bending height on the leftmost side is too small, distortion and deformation are easy to occur during bending, resulting in low bending quality; After improvement, the height of the left bending can be increased or the part with smaller bending height can be removed.

  1. Bending radius

In order to ensure the bending strength, the bending radius of sheet metal shall be greater than the minimum bending radius of material.

Of course, the larger the bending radius of sheet metal, the better. The larger the bending radius, the greater the bending rebound, and the more difficult it is to control the bending angle and bending height. Therefore, the sheet metal bending radius needs to be taken reasonably.

  1. Bending direction

The bending of sheet metal shall be perpendicular to the fiber direction of metal materials as far as possible. When the sheet metal bending is parallel to the fiber direction of metal materials, cracks are easy to occur at the sheet metal bending, and the bending strength is low, which is easy to produce cracks.


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