Aluminum Laser Cutting Process

Custom Made Metal Boxes
Custom Made Metal Boxes

In the industry, it is widely used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil drums and oil pipelines, etc.; it is also used to make various tools or mechanical parts and construction structural parts. In addition, because of its good electrical conductivity and low price and other advantages and widely used in electrical equipment for the edge of the body.

1, the use of new welding – melting electrode gas shielded arc welding:

(1) advantages: improve the utilization of materials, reduce the amount of raw materials; improve the quality of the metal surface; reduce production costs; extend the service life.

(2) disadvantages: higher cost; there is a certain degree of danger, operational difficulties.

2, the use of heat treatment technology – vacuum induction quenching:

(1) characteristics: so that the workpiece surface hardness uniform, thus improving the hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece, can effectively eliminate stress.

(2) Scope of application: applicable to forging equipment and important parts of heat treatment.

3, The selected CNC machine tool – multi-axis five-linkage automatic programming system for high-speed milling.

Can quickly and efficiently complete a variety of complex surfaces of precision cutting work. Mainly used in all kinds of hardware products of high precision cutting, especially small aperture deep groove products of fine cutting.

4、Rational design of processing flow: Can effectively control the size of the deformation, to avoid the occurrence of cracking phenomenon.

5, the use of special clamping devices — pneumatic three-jaw chuck: The series of clamping jaws driven by the cylinder piston rod rotation to achieve the locking function, when the cut object is placed on it, just press the switch can be firmly fixed to the workpiece on the table without any other action.

6、Correct installation and commissioning of the machine: According to different models to adjust the appropriate parameter values to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

7、Regular maintenance: Keeping the equipment clean is one of the basic conditions for normal operation.

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