Can the Aluminum Case Protect Against Radiation?

Custom Made Metal Boxes
Custom Made Metal Boxes

The chassis of the mainframe is a metal shell, and the electromagnetic shielding effect produced by the metal shell led to a large reduction in radiation, the chassis in the radiation protection does play a significant role, but if the chassis is not in place, the effect of radiation protection is not so obvious. And in many computer chassis material, aluminum chassis is recognized as a very anti-radiation material. Then the aluminum case can be radiation-proof? Here is a small introduction for you.

Good in the chassis of the metal shell of electromagnetic radiation can play a certain role in shielding. But different materials, different designs, different manufacturing processes of the chassis, its radiation protection ability is not the same, and aluminum chassis of aluminum alloy radiation protection ability is stronger than steel, which is due to the high conductivity of aluminum alloy, at the same time because the density of aluminum than iron, so it can block more radiation leakage.

Because of aluminum’s ability to absorb radiation is relatively strong, there are also pure aluminum chassis on the market, but the strength of pure aluminum is obviously much lower, in order to enhance the stability of the chassis, pure aluminum chassis plates are generally thicker, which also increases the cost of the chassis.

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