Common problems in bending process

Sheet metal processing manufacturers generally have many kinds of processes, and bending process is one of them, which is often used. Problems are inevitable in this processing process. Then I will introduce you how to solve the problems encountered in the bending process.

There are many common problems in the bending process. Here are three common problems in the bending process.

1) When bending long objects, what if one end is large and the other end is small?

When this happens, it is generally caused by the following reasons:

  1. The middle block is unstable and not at the same level;
  2. The thickness of the material is different. Generally, one end is thin and the other end is thick;
  3. The die is uneven due to wear, resulting in different heights at both ends.

There are three solutions:

  1. Change the mold;
  2. Adjust the intermediate block to make it balanced;
  3. In terms of material selection, feedback to laser or NCT to make the material intact.

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2)The bending scale is small, it is difficult to locate, and the upper die is easy to press onto the rear gauge. What should I do?

Generally, the reason for this is that according to the principle of lower mold selection, it is impossible to locate during formal installation. If the lower die is installed reversely, the upper die will press the rear gauge, resulting in the failure of both positive and negative installation. The general solution is to add a gasket in front of the rear setting gauge, so as to make the rear setting gauge retreat and avoid the upper die.

3)What if the workpiece deforms during bending?

Generally, the workpiece is deformed during bending because the bending speed is too fast. Generally, this situation can be solved by reducing the bending speed and making the hand work and work at the same time.

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