How to effectively improve the level of sheet metal processing technology!

Dongguan sheet metal processing, generally, some metal sheets are plastically deformed by hand or die stamping to form the desired shape and size, and more complex parts can be further formed by welding or a small amount of machining; Dongguan sheet metal processing It is already closely related to our life. It is an imperative development trend to improve the level of Dongguan sheet metal processing technology and produce better quality sheet metal parts.

So, how to effectively improve the level of Dongguan sheet metal processing technology? The editor believes that in order to effectively improve the level of sheet metal processing in Dongguan, we can start from the following points:

Strengthen the research on sheet metal processing technology

The plasticity of sheet metal processing in Dongguan allows sheet metal processing to grow rapidly. The advantage of sheet metal processing over other processing technologies is plasticity. There are three types of plastic forming in sheet metal processing: cold, warm and hot; there are three research trends in sheet metal processing plastic forming. Required:

  • 1. Study various solutions of mechanics in the plastic forming process of sheet metal processing to analyze the distribution rules of stress and strain in the deformed body, and determine the deformation force and deformation work, so as to reasonably select the tonnage of the equipment and the strength of the mold.
  • 2. Study the changing rules of component strain and size during the plastic forming process of sheet metal processing, and select appropriate blanks and reasonable central blank shapes in order to achieve the desired shape of the components.
  • 3. Investigate the influence of sheet metal processing conditions such as temperature and strain rate effects on the plastic processing resistance of metal and methods to improve metal resistance and reduce resistance, so as to obtain components with excellent performance. The plastic analysis methods of metal forming mainly include the principal stress method, the slip line method, the upper limit method, the finite element method, etc.; while the commonly used test methods are the apparent plastic method and the dense grid moiré method.

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