How to Solve Laser Cutting Impervious Cut?

China Sheet Metal Fabrication 
China Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting is a complex process, often encountered in the cutting process is not smooth or cut through the case. There are many reasons why the sample is not cut through, the most common is the decline in laser power or aging of the lamp makes the laser beam energy is not enough, causing the sample is not cut through. Cutting speed is too fast, the focus lens damage makes the focus effect is poor, the optical path is not correct, the voltage is not stable these are the reasons for laser cutting cut through. Of course, there are many factors that cause the sample cut is not smooth or not cut through, such as the material itself, the auxiliary gas pressure is not enough, the cooling system water turbidity heat dissipation effect is poor, etc.. We have to take the laser cutting cut impervious to the problem, to find solutions to these problems, to improve production efficiency, to ensure the quality of laser cutting is of great significance.

We have made an analysis of the causes of imperviousness in laser cutting process, and we are going to propose 5 corresponding solutions for these causes.

1, for the laser power down the current is small, we have to replace the laser tube in time, more slippery greater voltage regulator to increase the laser current output to improve the output power.

2, to properly reduce the cutting speed, timely and reasonable cleaning of the contaminated reflector, replace the focusing lens.

3, the problem of incorrect optical path can be readjusted optical path, adjust the focal length until the laser hits a very round spot on the paper.

4, in cutting copper and aluminum is best to polish its surface in advance or coated with light-absorbing material to deal with the problem of high reflectivity.

5, regularly clean the nozzle inside the foreign body, increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas, timely replacement of the cooling system distilled water.

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