How to understand sheet metal processing drawings?

In sheet metal processing, understanding sheet metal drawings is one of the basic skills that every technician must have. Whether making drawings in the early stage or processing drawings in the later stage is one of the important factors affecting the post-processing of sheet metal parts.

First of all, we should grasp the principle of “length alignment, height leveling and width equality”. In other words, the viewing method of combined stereoscopic view is the reverse process of drawing. Drawing is to use a set of views to represent space objects on a plane. According to a set of views of the object on the plane, the spatial shape of the object is obtained through analysis.If you look at pictures and draw pictures, they are closely related and complementary.

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Method 1: body analysis

The basic of looking at the picture should be given priority: there is a third-order law in the combined picture. We should contact several views and imagine its real object at the same time. Methods and steps of looking at pictures: when looking at pictures with body analysis method, the steps of looking at pictures are to understand the characteristics of views; Analyze the projection of body to body; Take it all together.

Method 2: line surface analysis

For objects with regular and clear shapes (such as superimposed shapes), the problem of looking at pictures can be solved only by using shape analysis method. When the object and the local shape of the object are complex (such as cutting body), it is not convenient to divide it into several components by shape analysis method, line surface analysis method can be used to look at the drawing.

Key points of line surface analysis: the key to using line surface analysis is to analyze the spatial meaning represented by each wireframe and line segment in the view. For complex combinations, the surface shape should also be analyzed. For example, for an object with an inclined plane (straight plane), one projection accumulates into a line, and the other projections become similar shapes.

For the combination with many levels, the wire frame can be used to analyze the mutual position of each surface on it, and clarify the positional relationship between front and back, up and down, left and right, etc. In this way, the complete concept of assembly can be obtained by comprehensively using various analysis methods.

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