Improve the aesthetics of sheet metal chassis

The size of the metal plate chassis processing should meet the requirements, and the error should not be too large. 2. The identification of sheet metal chassis should be complete, clear, durable and reliable, and the identification number is indispensable. 3. Each panel of the sheet metal chassis should be flat without distortion and deformation, and the openings on the cabinet door should be uniform and neat. 4. The column of the sheet metal cabinet shall not be twisted, and the parallelism between the junction line at both ends of each column and the upper and lower enclosure and the adjacent plane of the enclosure shall be less than 0.5mm. 5. The coating on the surface of the sheet metal chassis must be uniform without sagging and bottom exposure. Welding processing of large frame is a processing method that combines Weldments by heating, pressurizing, or both. According to the different states of metals in the welding process, welding methods can be divided into three categories: fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing, among which arc welding in fusion welding is widely used. To sum up, it is the method to improve the aesthetics of the processing appearance of the sheet metal chassis. The beauty of the processing appearance of the sheet metal chassis will directly affect our sales performance and corporate reputation to a certain extent. If we deal with other aspects of the processing of the sheet metal chassis well, but do not pay attention to the beauty of the sheet metal chassis, then the effect of our sheet metal chassis will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in the production process of the sheet metal chassis, we must pay attention to some details to make our sheet metal chassis more beautiful, Generous.

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