Improve the structural design level of sheet metal parts

The sheet metal process and the structural design of sheet metal parts are inseparable. It is necessary to closely combine the sheet metal process, improve the structural design level of sheet metal parts, and design the structural parts with processing technology, so as to reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency.

1 design of bending edge

The shortest bending edge of sheet metal is affected by the V-shaped opening width of the bending lower die and the bending R angle. The limitation of the shortest bending edge should be properly considered in the design. Assuming that the width of the V-shaped opening of the die under bending is 12mm and the bending R angle is 0.5mm, the minimum short side of bending cannot exceed vi2 + R + 0.5 = 7mm. Designers should design according to the existing bending lower die specifications of the factory, so as to avoid many unnecessary molds customized by the factory, which greatly increases the processing and management cost of molds. When designing the bending edge, we should also consider the limitation of the distance between the bending edge and the bending edge. When the bending edge is too close to other bent edges, the bending edge will interfere with the bending die.

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2 optimization design

For sheet metal parts processed by welding, welding and grinding are very troublesome, the processing efficiency is relatively low, and the appearance quality can not be guaranteed. Therefore, the welding surface can be reduced by optimizing the design, making the parts more beautiful and improving the surface quality without reducing the design strength. The comparison of parts before and after optimization is shown in Figure 1. The upper left part drawing is welded by three plate parts. The upper right part drawing is formed by bending thin plates, and the processed parts can also meet the needs of products, but the design of the latter sheet metal parts is quite ingenious, with high surface quality and beautiful appearance. Another example is the guide pin support commonly used in a cabinet, as shown in the lower left part drawing of Figure 1, which is conventionally machined from a whole aluminum plate; The optimized design is shown in the lower right part diagram of Figure 1. Directly through the bending processing of sheet metal parts, it can also meet the needs of products, reduce the processing volume, shorten the processing cycle and greatly reduce the processing cost.

3 design of right angle in square hole

Because the cutting and milling cutter with cylindrical cutting tool is used for machining, the machined parts are often left with] two rounded corners in the design. While the sheet metal parts processed by stamping use the forming die. The square l die is a rectangular or square die. It is formed by stamping at one time, and the rear hole is an inner right angle. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to designing the square hole of the sheet metal parts into an inner right angle in the design. When long round hole is required in the design, the long round hole punch die is directly selected, and the shape after adding t is the long round hole of the size specification of the punch die. According to the performance requirements of the product, the design should understand the existing mold size of the processing plant, process according to the existing mold of the sheet metal processing process, reduce the processing cost, avoid temporarily customizing tools and prolong the processing cycle.

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