Improvement measures for sheet metal processing

1 Material selection of sheet metal

Sheet metal processing is generally used in the shell of equipment, so the selection of sheet metal is very important. We should not only select the appropriate and convenient processing, but also reduce the processing cost on the premise of ensuring the strength.

When processing materials in the same structure, the utilization rate of materials shall be ensured, and the maximum number of materials with the same specification and plate thickness shall not exceed three. This requires high utilization of materials during processing and can not be wasted. For the sheet metal structure with high strength and high requirements, the purpose can be achieved by pressing reinforcement with thin plate.

The shape of sheet metal processing materials supplied on the market sometimes does not meet the requirements. For example, the unfolding size of the parts processed by sheet metal is not equal to the outer contour size of the raw materials, which will affect their installation on the materials.

Some materials do not need to be sprayed on the decorative surface, but need to be considered in the decorative surface and texture of the plate. If it is not exposed to the outside, the material does not need strict requirements; However, when the material is exposed to the outside, strict requirements must be made for the texture of the material, and the outside material cannot be scratched during processing. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce unnecessary damage during sheet metal processing and improve the utilization rate of materials.

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2 difficulties in sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing technology is to make some metal sheets by hand or mold, so as to form the shape and size we want and require, and make them form more complex shapes through welding or machining of small parts. For example, the oil tank, iron pipe, ventilation pipe, iron pot, funnel, chimney, elbow, etc. in the family, as well as the shell of various equipment, these are all sheet metal components. There is no fixed structural form of sheet metal components. When designing products, it should meet the premise of production function: the designed structure should achieve the principle of beautiful appearance and low production cost. Sheet metal components are designed according to specific needs, and different forms should be designed for different structures. In a word, the design of sheet metal components is not fixed, but changes with the change of products, which is the difficult problem faced by sheet metal processing technology.

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