Industrial control cabinet

The chassis of industrial control case has the advantages of extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, vibration resistance and radiation resistance. It is mainly used in harsh environment. Such as power plants, chemical plants, mining plants, underground operations, etc. The computer chassis is the house of the computer host, which plays an important role in accommodating and protecting computer accessories such as CPU.

First, check whether there are burrs on the steel plate frame. Sharp mouth, good chassis and long silver industrial control are often the edges. At least after polishing, you will never be scarred during installation; Second, check whether the chassis frame is firm and stable. The simple way is to mention shaking. If shaking or even deformation, it is certainly not a good commodity; Third, check whether the internal production is professional, such as the punching position on the chassis when installing the motherboard. Whether the size matches, whether the position of the drive slot and the plug is accurately positioned, etc. See if there are EMI contacts, that is, there are many small protrusions around the side plate. It can reduce electromagnetic waves, which is good for human health. In short, the choice of a long computer chassis depends on its material. Technology and practicality should never be confused by the fashionable appearance.

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