Maintain high-speed precision stamping sheet metal parts mold

The purpose of mold maintenance is to maintain the excellent and stable production state of the mold and improve the service life of the mold. Generally speaking, the maintenance can be divided into the following four stages: field spot inspection stage, to check whether the parts are loose and worn, and carry out basic maintenance work such as repair, polishing and lubrication. Restore the mold to the design state. (2) In the part replacement stage, when it is confirmed that the parts have been worn and cannot meet the production quality requirements and reach the service life of the parts, the relevant blanking parts shall be ground and the formed parts shall be replaced. (3) Guide accuracy maintenance the overall accuracy of the mold comes from the guide element of the mold. When it is worn to a certain extent and cannot provide the required accuracy, replace it and repair it to restore the guide accuracy. (4) As the main body of the mold, the overall accuracy of the mold base will naturally affect the accuracy of the mold. The fitter correction, accuracy adjustment and even replacement of individual or main templates will restore the mutual clearance, flatness and verticality of the templates. No matter which stage, its purpose is to maintain and restore the accuracy of the die and make it have a good state.

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