Methods to prevent corrosion of sheet metal shell

In the production of sheet metal shell, sometimes no matter what material we use, the sheet metal shell may be corroded after long-term use due to the problem of wet weather. When this phenomenon occurs, it will undoubtedly cause great inconvenience to us. In order to effectively solve this problem, we can greatly reduce the harm caused by sheet metal shell corrosion through some specific methods. Do you know the methods to prevent corrosion of sheet metal shell?

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Methods to prevent corrosion of sheet metal shell:

  1. The processed products at the bottom of the sheet metal shell can remove rust.
  2. In precision sheet metal processing, sheet metal shell processing products are used as epoxy zinc rich primer, which is mainly used as antirust primer for steel structure and steel plate. It has good physical and chemical properties, simple coating and good coordination performance. It can use epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, zinc powder, antirust pigment, additives, organic solvents and so on.
  3. Sheet metal shell with surface treatment of metal products, which can be used for surface coating of epoxy asphalt, chlorinated rubber, acrylic acid, polyurethane, fluorocarbon, etc.
  4. The sheet metal shell processed by epoxy mica iron oxide can adopt epoxy zinc rich primer intermediate layer and long-term corrosion-resistant coating. In this way, the effect of metal plate treatment is to improve the sealing and corrosion resistance of the composite coating, and at the same time, it can be used as a primer for anti-corrosion and rust prevention.

To sum up, it is the method to prevent corrosion of sheet metal shell. These methods can effectively prevent the corrosion of the sheet metal shell, so that the sheet metal shell can be used normally.

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