Necessary for making sheet metal! Detailed explanation of aluminum characteristics

Product Name: aluminum plate

Code: Al, a1100p, a5052h32p, al6061t6

Common models: a1100p-o (O stands for soft material, no hardness), a1050p, a5052h32p, al6061t6, al6063t5

Tensile strength: a5052h32p = above 25kgf / mm2, a1100p, a1200p = above 7kgf / mm2, al6061t6 = above 27kgf / mm2

Material thickness: 0.3 ~ 20mm. Materials above 10.0mm are difficult to buy.

Material width: the maximum width is 5 ‘(1524mm), generally 4’, i.e. 1219mm or 1250mm. Any size less than 1524mm can be cut as required.

Material length: any size can be cut as required. Generally 8 ‘, i.e. 2438 mm or 2500 mm.

Material characteristics: 1. The metal is white and shiny, and the surface is easily oxidized and corroded, so the surface is often pasted with PVC protective film.

  1. Surface treatment: sand blasting, wire drawing or polishing before anodizing (non-conductive, can be dyed into various colors); Chromate oxidation (also known as conductive oxidation, including primary color and golden yellow). Specific gravity: 2.75 weight calculation: length (m) × Width (m) × Thickness (mm) × Specific gravity = kilogram (kg), e.g. al2 0 ×1220 × 2440 weight: 2.0 × 1.22 × 2.44 × 2.75 = 16.37kg, another example: al1 0 × one thousand × 2000 weight: 1 × one × two × 2.75 = 5.5kg note: 1. The general tolerance of material thickness is + 0, – 0.08, that is, the measured plate thickness is 2.0mm, which may be only 1.92mm.
  2. A micrometer shall be used to measure the material thickness, and a cursor caliper shall not be used.
  3. Attention shall be paid to the protection of aluminum plate processing, the surface shall not be scratched, and the bending shall prevent cracks and folding knife marks. (if the material is too hard, it can be annealed first or the lower die groove can be enlarged)

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