Precautions for spraying of double process finish paint

Dual process topcoat refers to a spraying system in which two different coatings are sprayed to form a complete topcoat. Usually, the paint is sprayed first, and then the varnish is sprayed. The two coatings together form a complete topcoat layer. Color paint usually includes solid color paint, silver powder paint and pearl paint. Pure color paint only contains pure color pigments, silver powder paint contains aluminum powder, and pearl paint contains mica pigments.

(1) Wear appropriate protective equipment, safety glasses, full-scale air supply mask, solvent proof gloves, and paint work clothes and work shoes.

(2) When spraying color paint, one to two layers of intermediate primer can be sprayed at first to cover the intermediate primer in advance. Then the whole board is sprayed with about 2 layers of color paint. Each layer needs to be dried for 5-10 minutes before spraying the next layer. It can also be judged by the surface gloss of the color paint. When the surface gloss is reduced to matte, the next layer can be sprayed. Continuous spraying will cause the coating to be too thick, and solvent bubbles, pinholes, loss of gloss and other defects are easy to occur when the solvent volatilizes.

(3) For the dirty spots or minor defects in the color paint film, after the color paint is completely flash dry, use P1000 fine sanding cotton for grinding, or use P1500 or P2000 water sanding paper for wet grinding, and then spray color paint to cover the grinding position.

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