Processing Method of All Aluminum Chassis

Metal Enclosure Box
Metal Enclosure Box

Computer case as part of the computer accessories, used to provide space for power supplies, motherboards, various expansion boards, mounting brackets, floppy disk drives, CD-ROM drives, hard drives and other computer accessories, and through the internal support part of the chassis, brackets, screws, clips and other connections to the above-mentioned various computer accessories firmly fixed in the interior of the chassis, forming an integrated whole. At present, many computer cases use all-aluminum chassis. So what are the processing methods of all-aluminum chassis? Next, I will introduce.

1, mold stamping method: for the processing of complex structures, the most traditional processing methods and processes have been unable to achieve, which requires the manufacture of hardware molds, through the drop mold under the material, forming die stamping molding. The cabinet with simple shape and small volume can be stamping and forming at one time; the cabinet with complex shape and large volume can be divided into several parts and stamping and forming respectively, and then realized by methods such as collocation or bolt connection and assembly.

2, drawing process: drawing to be uniform, good quality d the drawing to determine the appearance of stainless steel chassis, such as beautiful .

3、Integrated connection method: mainly used in the processing of sheet metal workpieces of variable cross-section, especially some curved sheet metal processing. General variable section sheet metal processing, first of all, the surface needs to be divided into different features of the surface parts, and then the different features of the surface parts are classified and processed, such as the need to open a stamping die processing unit, making a simple processing tooling processing unit, simple bending processing unit, curve undercutting welding processing unit, etc., and then these units will be spliced into a whole.

4, simple forming bending method: flat sheet through the appropriate cutting to form a bending stop groove, and then through the press of the concave and convex tool, forming a variety of angles of the bending surface, the bending surface will be surrounded by different boxes, seams using full welding, spot welding, corner welding or lap welding methods to connect. This is the most traditional method of chassis and cabinet processing.

5, block welding patching method: for large volume, complex shape of the cabinet, the use of block processing, and then finally welding, patching processing method is the best way to save processing costs.

The above processing methods on all-aluminum chassis to share here, all-aluminum material has always represented the high-end chassis, aluminum texture is a lot of materials can not be replaced, while the aluminum production process to higher, so many classic high-end chassis are used all-aluminum chassis.

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