Semi-automatic sheet metal production line

At this stage, most of the production in the chassis and cabinet industry uses single machine production, including laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, plate shears, CNC punching, bending machine, oil press, riveting machine, argon arc welding machine, electric welding machine, laser welding, surface treatment equipment, etc. these equipment require a lot of labor and have low production efficiency. With the increasing labor costs and the increasingly standardized safety protection regulations, the chassis and cabinet industry urgently needs to change the current situation.

Intelligent storage warehouse of sheet metal + automatic feeding + laser cutting machine + automatic cutting and automatic dividing. The other side of the warehouse can be punched by numerical control. It is best to use laser compound punching (manual cutting), automatic grinding, bending machining center (bending by robot), and another numerical control bending machine is equipped, followed by riveting, argon arc welding, etc., and then enter the surface treatment program. The above machines can be manually and automatically connected to form a sheet metal production line, which can be flexibly combined according to the actual.


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