Sheet metal forming processes

Sheet metal (usually steel or aluminum) plays an important role in construction and manufacturing. In the construction industry, it is used as a building and shell or roof; In the manufacturing industry, sheet metal is used for auto parts, heavy machinery, etc. When manufacturing sheet metal parts, manufacturers often use the following forming processes.


Crimping is a sheet metal forming process. After the initial production of sheet metal, there are usually sharp edges with “burrs”. The purpose of crimping is to smooth the sharp and rough sheet metal edges to meet the use requirements of the project.


Bending is another common sheet metal forming process. Manufacturers usually use brake press or similar mechanical press for metal bending. The sheet metal is placed on the die, and the punch is pressed down on the sheet metal. The huge pressure makes the sheet metal bend.

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Sheet metal can also be ironed to obtain uniform thickness. For example, many beverage cans are made of aluminum. The aluminum metal plate is too thick for the beverage can in the original state, so it needs to be ironed to make it thinner and more uniform.

laser cutting

Laser cutting has become a more and more common sheet metal forming process. When the sheet metal is exposed to high power and high-density laser, the heat of the laser melts or vaporizes the sheet metal in contact with it, forming a cutting process. This is a faster and more accurate cutting method, which is automatically executed by computer numerical control (CNC) laser cutting machine.


Stamping is a common sheet metal forming process, which uses stamping machine and die group to punch holes in sheet metal. During machining, the sheet metal is placed between the punch and the die, and then the punch is pressed down and passes through the metal plate, which completes the punching process.

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