Stamping die terminology

  1. Blanking

Blanking is a stamping process in which a part of materials or process parts are separated from another part of materials, work (process) parts or waste materials by means of a die. Blanking is a general term for such separation processes as cutting, blanking, punching, punching, grooving, sectioning, chiseling, trimming, tongue cutting, cutting and renovation.

  1. Cut off

Cutting is a stamping process that separates materials along the open contour, and the separated materials become workpieces or process parts.

  1. Flaring

Flaring is a stamping process that expands the open part of hollow or tubular parts outward.

  1. Punching

Punching is a punching process that separates the waste from the material or process part along the closed contour, and obtains the required holes on the material or process part.

  1. Punching groove

Punching groove is a punching process that separates waste materials from materials or process parts along the open contour. The open contour is in the shape of groove, and its depth exceeds the width.

  1. Punching center hole


Punching a center hole is a punching process in which a shallow concave center hole is formed on the surface of the process part, and the back material has no corresponding bulge.

  1. Fine blanking

Fine blanking is a kind of bright and clean blanking. It uses the fine blanking die with toothed blank pressing plate to make the whole section of the punched part completely or basically clean.


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