What are the Connection Methods for the Structure of Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts?

 Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures
Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

Sheet metal processing is a very hot metal processing method in these years, and many industries are involved in this processing. The forming of sheet metal processing must be connected, and each part is connected into a whole according to the drawing. The following is the introduction of the connection methods of sheet metal processing parts structure:

The structural connection of sheet metal working parts is usually made by mechanical connection methods such as, nip joint, threaded connection, expansion joint or by welding and gluing methods, welding belongs to non-demountable connection, other connections are all demountable connections. Riveted joint form: lap joint, butt joint, angle joint, plate riveting, flip hole riveting.

1、Angle joint method, characteristics and application: the connection of two plates perpendicular to each other or at a certain angle, with angles as connectors at the joints, in two forms, single-sided and double-sided, can be used for load-bearing structures, and using half-round head solid rivets;

2, butt joint method, characteristics and applications: two steel plates or sections joint in the same plane, with the cover as a connector to rivet the joint together. Can be used for load-bearing structures, and use half-round head solid rivets;

3, lap joint method, features and applications: a plate or section lap joint on another steel plate for riveting, can be used for load-bearing structures, and the use of;

4、Flip-hole riveting methods, features and applications: a piece of punched plate lap on another piece of plate that has been punched and turned over the edge of the hole, the hole and then turned over the edge and pressed; and the use of rivets riveted on the side of the hole, mostly for sealing-type structures, and the use of flat round head semi-hollow rivets.

5, plate riveting methods, features and applications: first the plate end face and channel steel or pressure shaped parts of the end of the lap assembly, and then use rivets to connect together.

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