What are the Materials of Aluminum Zinc Plate Cold Plate Spraying Control Cabinet?

Custom Metal Box 
Custom Metal Box

It is generally composed of two major parts: shell and electrical equipment. The main function of the shell is the role of protection; the installation and fixing of electrical appliances plays a role in supporting and protecting the electrical lines. According to the different use environment and use requirements can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type two types: the former is used for indoor or outdoor low-voltage lighting system as power and control equipment power switch box and motor control center auxiliary device. The latter is used for protection and control of high-voltage distribution equipment and transformer tap-chambers in power systems of various voltage levels.

1. Aluminum alloy material

A new type of metal structure made of high-strength rust-proof alloy steel plate by folding and welding after the surface spraying treatment. With high strength, light weight and other characteristics, can greatly reduce the load-bearing building, and colorful, beautiful and generous appearance, delicate and soft texture. Its internal components can be directly inserted into the socket holes with tinned iron core cable connectors, which is convenient for users’ use and maintenance.

2. Tempered glass material

The transparent organic composite window frame is made of automotive grade tempered laminated safety fireproof glass, which has good heat insulation, wind pressure resistance and sound insulation effect. The product has passed the mandatory 3C certification and passed the European RoHS environmental protection standard test, in line with the trend of green environmental protection. At the same time, it has functions such as anti-theft alarm, and can be equipped with other decorative accessories such as screen curtains to increase the practicality and personalized needs of the product!

3. Plastic sheet material

Polycarbonate resin used as the base material of the new polymer composite material made of panels. It is a non-toxic and non-polluting polymer compound. The material has good impact resistance. Good flame retardant property. Wide range of hardness and other advantages. And it can be recycled and reused. It does not decompose and deform under high temperature conditions. Long service life. Widely used in the electronics industry, household appliances industry, instrumentation manufacturing, medical equipment and other industrial fields.

4. Stainless steel material

Selected 304 # food sanitation grade stainless steel plate processing and manufacturing products. Has excellent mechanical properties, heat and wear resistance. Good electrical and thermal conductivity characteristics and low temperature toughness. Widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical plants, petroleum mining industry, paper and printing industry and other fields of corrosive media places in the control circuit use.

5. Edge gum wood material

Selected natural oak board after special pressing into the wooden frame. Due to the unique elasticity of the wood itself makes the overall structure strong and durable. Not easy to age and crack. Waterproof and anti-corrosion effect is good and other characteristics.

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