What is the Difference between Aluminum Chassis and Copper Chassis?

Custom Stainless Steel Box
Custom Stainless Steel Box

With the increasing application of aluminum chassis, most of the copper chassis on the market has been gradually replaced by aluminum chassis. Aluminum chassis material is actually an alloy product, aluminum alloy is pure aluminum with some alloy elements made, with light weight, strong structure, high structural strength, good heat dissipation performance and other characteristics, is a very suitable for the chassis on the material needs of the case, the following is the difference between them.

Radiation: As long as electronic products have a certain amount of radiation, the role of computer chassis is to have radiation protection function, if the thickness of the same aluminum chassis and copper chassis, copper chassis than aluminum chassis radiation protection is stronger, but aluminum chassis in order to achieve this purpose usually early aluminum inside the addition of other substances, so without regard to the price of the case, aluminum chassis is not the second choice.

Processing. All-aluminum chassis is more convenient for processing design, aluminum chassis with thin and light characteristics, the user is very convenient when placed and moved, but the same certain defects, copper chassis bending resistance than aluminum chassis 3 times higher, so compared to aluminum chassis more easily deformed.

Material. All-aluminum chassis heat dissipation is faster than ordinary copper chassis, belonging to the external heat species, while copper chassis is the need for reasonable air ducts to be able to dissipate the heat, if the heat is not reasonable then the copper chassis becomes an oven. Also being because of the price of aluminum, in terms of the cost is more expensive.

The above difference between aluminum and copper chassis is shared here, in short, compared to cold-rolled steel, electrolytic galvanized iron steel and other materials, aluminum alloy is the choice of the current manufacturing chassis material.

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