What is the welding of sheet metal processing?

Sheet metal processing and welding: Welding definition: The atoms and molecules of the material to be welded form a whole with the distance from the BE-CU.COM lattice

  • ①Classification: a Fusion welding: argon arc welding, CO2 welding, gas welding, manual welding b Pressure welding: spot welding, butt welding, collision welding c Brazing: electrochromic welding, copper wire
  • ②Welding methods: aCO2 gas shielded welding, b argon arc welding, c spot welding, etc. d robot welding The selection of welding methods is based on actual requirements and materials. Generally speaking, CO2 gas shielded welding is used for iron plate welding; argon arc welding It is used for welding of stainless steel and aluminum plates, and robot welding can save man-hours, improve work efficiency and welding quality, and reduce work intensity.
  • ③Welding symbols: Δ fillet welding, Д, I-shaped welding, V-shaped welding, unilateral V-shaped welding (V) with blunt edge V-shaped welding (V), spot welding (O), plug welding or slot welding (Dongguan sheet metal Metal processing), crimp welding (χ), unilateral V-welding with blunt edge (V), U-shaped welding with blunt edge, J-shaped welding with blunt edge, back cover welding, butt welding of Dongguan sheet metal processing
  • ④Arrow lines and connectors
  • ⑤ Lack of welding and loss of preventive measures Spot welding: bumps can be made if the strength is not enough, and the welding area is imposed CO2 welding: high productivity, low energy consumption, low cost, strong rust resistance argon arc welding: shallow melting, slow welding speed, low efficiency , The production cost is high, and it has the defect of tungsten inclusion, but it has the advantages of good welding quality, and can weld non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, etc.
  • ⑥ Reasons for welding deformation: Insufficient preparation before welding, need to add fixtures and welding fixtures to improve the process welding sequence is not good, Dongguan sheet metal processing ⑦ Welding deformation correction method: flame correction method, vibration method, hammer method, artificial aging method.

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