What should Note in the Process of Die Casting for Sheet Metal Shells?

Custom Aluminum Box
Custom Aluminum Box

At present, in the sheet metal market, sheet metal shells are widely favored and loved by many customers because of their simple structure, flexible changes, easy handling of internal structure, and sufficient strength and good rigidity, simple processing technology, short production cycle and many other advantages. However, we sometimes need to go through the process of die-casting in the process of sheet metal shells. The following matters should be noted in the process of die-casting for sheet metal shells:

1、Consider the release of sheet metal shell in the process of die-casting.

2、Consider the problem of sheet metal shell in die-casting wall thickness, the gap of thickness is too large for filling.

3、Some die-casting shells may have special requirements in appearance, such as oil spraying, so extra attention should be paid to these aspects during the die-casting process of sheet metal shells.

4、In the structure of the sheet metal shell, it should be avoided as much as possible that the structure leading to the complex structure of the mold appears and multiple cores or spiral cores have to be used.

5、The sheet metal shell should be designed with the mold in mind. If there are multiple positions of core extraction bits, try to put them on both sides, and it is better not to put them on the lower core extraction, so that in the case of long time, problems may occur when the sheet metal shell is under die-casting core extraction.

To sum up, these are some matters to be noted in the process of die-casting sheet metal shells. Sheet metal shells have become a more prominent form of processing in the sheet metal processing industry. Its production and processing generally go through many process contents such as material preparation, unfolding and proofing, cutting blanks, forming and assembly to complete, and because cold work sheet metal shell processing is often combined with processes such as welding, metal cutting, heat treatment and inspection to form a complete product manufacturing process.

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