How to do the Housing Design of Machinery and Equipment?

Sheet Metal Enclosure Manufacturers
Sheet Metal Enclosure Manufacturers

Mechanical equipment shell is installed on the outside of the equipment shield, is used to prevent people from entering the danger zone, and exposed high-speed moving or transmission parts, or charged conductors and other contact by injury, or spilled chips, workpieces, tools and other foreign objects hurt people, has a very important role.

First of all, the industrial design of machinery and equipment shells should adhere to the human-centered design principles. Design safety protection should first consider the human factor, to ensure the personal safety of the operator; mechanical equipment shell is isolated protection of the safety device, so in the design of the human-machine system to solve the safety problem. For example, the structure and layout of machinery and equipment shells should be reasonably designed so that the human body can not directly enter the dangerous area.

Second, the industrial design of machinery and equipment shells must follow the principles of safety and reliability. Mechanical equipment shell device must meet the corresponding safety requirements to ensure that there is sufficient strength, rigidity, stability, corrosion resistance within the specified period of use, both to ensure that it has sufficient safety and reliability itself. The design of the mechanical equipment shell should also take full account of the possible unsafe factors. Such as operating errors, accidents, unexpected events and other special circumstances.

In addition, the industrial design of machinery and equipment shells should comply with the principle of reasonable layout and ease of use by operators. Machinery and equipment in the process of use may fail to repair or maintenance, in the industrial design of the equipment shell should take all these factors into account. The design of mechanical equipment shell is relatively complex, can not only pursue the aesthetic appearance, to combine the safety of the operator, as well as the use of the process of convenient operation as the starting point of industrial design, to do a good job of the industrial design of mechanical equipment shell program.

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