Custom Aluminum Box

Packing Table Assembly Line Workbench

In the production process, the assembly line table is an indispensable tool. Especially in the process of product packing, the assembly line table can greatly improve the…

 Custom Made Aluminium Boxes 

What Requirements should the Sheet Metal Cabinet Processing Meet?

Sheet metal cabinet is a common sheet metal processing part nowadays, which provides space for power supply, motherboard, various expansion cards, floppy disk drive, CD-ROM drive, hard…

 Aluminium Sheet Metal Fabrication

How to do the Housing Design of Machinery and Equipment?

Mechanical equipment shell is installed on the outside of the equipment shield, is used to prevent people from entering the danger zone, and exposed high-speed moving or…

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How to Deal with Heat Deformation in Sheet Metal Shell Processing?

Nowadays, sheet metal shell processing is a very common metal processing method, which also includes many processing processes, and heat deformation is one of them. The following…

custom sheet metal box

What are the Causes of Custom Sheet Metal Rusting?

1. When pickling passivation, the acid at the seam is not neutralized or neutralized incompletely, and the pickling phosphate becomes a skin film incompletely and rusts easily….

Custom Aluminum Box

What Benefits can the Aluminum Box Bring to the Product?

First, the custom aluminum box has a very good isolation role, its sealing is much higher than other packaging materials, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion. Second, the surface…

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What are the Common Applications of Sheet Metal?

Owing to its strength, durability, versatility and cost effectiveness, sheet metal is used in a wide range of industries. The following are some common applications for sheet…

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The difference between sheet metal box and steel box.

Sheet metal box and steel box are both types of metal boxes, but they are different. Sheet metal is a thin, flat metal sheet that can be…