What are the Different Types of Powder Coating?

According to the performance, coating thickness and use of different coatings are divided into: primer, antirust and anti-corrosion coatings and conductive shielding coatings, etc.

Customized Sheet Metal Powder Coating
Customized Sheet Metal Powder Coating

Primer: mainly made of polyurethane resin with other ingredients such as alkyd resin as the main raw material, its cured material has high hardness and strong adhesion, but has poor weather resistance and durability, mainly used to protect the metal shell from aging deterioration due to ultraviolet radiation and to prevent external dirt and water from corroding the surface of the sheet metal shell.

Anti-corrosion materials: these materials are generally formulated by a variety of inorganic color fillers and a variety of organic solvents. Its main role is to improve the ability of the top layer of chemical erosion and enhance the mechanical strength, thereby extending the service life. This product can be used alone or with other packages into a multi-layer composite structure to achieve better results.

Conductive shielding coating: It is an inorganic compound containing particulate or fibrous substances that can reflect electromagnetic waves. Therefore, it is widely used as a rim and heat sink in the decoration of the shell of various electrical products.

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