Custom Steel Box

How to Deal with Heat Deformation in Sheet Metal Shell Processing?

Nowadays, sheet metal shell processing is a very common metal processing method, which also includes many processing processes, and heat deformation is one of them. The following…

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How should the Small Heat Dissipation Hole be Processed?

The development of the sheet metal processing industry is in increasing demand, which is also attributed to the rapid development of society and the popularity of high-tech…

Customized Sheet Metal Powder Coating

What are the Different Types of Powder Coating?

According to the performance, coating thickness and use of different coatings are divided into: primer, antirust and anti-corrosion coatings and conductive shielding coatings, etc. Primer: mainly made…

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What are the Causes of Custom Sheet Metal Rusting?

1. When pickling passivation, the acid at the seam is not neutralized or neutralized incompletely, and the pickling phosphate becomes a skin film incompletely and rusts easily….

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What is the Sheet Metal Material?

The most commonly used materials for sheet metal operations including: Steel: Steel is a multifunctional and durable material that is commonly used for sheet metal operations. It’s…