How to Deal with Heat Deformation in Sheet Metal Shell Processing?

Aluminium Box Manufacturers
Aluminium Box Manufacturers

Nowadays, sheet metal shell processing is a very common metal processing method, which also includes many processing processes, and heat deformation is one of them. The following are the methods of heat deformation treatment for sheet metal shell processing.

During the heat preservation process, the residual stress of the sheet metal shell processing will be released and deformation will occur, and the self-weight of the parts will also lead to deformation. In the cooling process, due to the different cooling speed of different parts of the part, thermal stress will be formed and the part will be deformed. Even if the cooling rate is the same, the cooling on the surface is always fast and the internal cooling is always slow.

The product shortens during low-temperature tempering, and the amount of shortening is proportional to the supersaturated carbon content. When heated at room temperature – 200°C, expansion is presented, but the expansion does not change much because the metal is differentiated near 200°C. In the customary heat treatment of sheet metal shell processing, the main reason for the shape change of the part is the thermal and phase change stresses that occur during the heating and quenching heat treatment. If the heating rate is too fast, the part is too large compared to the heating furnace, and the temperature of each part is different, the sheet metal will be thermally deformed.

In summary, this is the way to perform thermal deformation treatment for sheet metal enclosure processing. Heat deformation treatment is a very important part of the sheet metal shell processing process. In order to effectively prevent the adverse effects brought by heat deformation to us, we need to pay attention to the heat treatment process of sheet metal shell processing in that the parts should be placed vertically and placed at the bottom, so that the effect of heat deformation can be reduced to a very low level.

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